Collaborative engagement, shared assessment and supportive care

PIECES is a holistic, evidence-informed, Team approach to shared assessment and supportive care with older Persons at risk or living with complex chronic conditions.

Team always begins with the Person and Care Partner, and includes all Team members working in collaboration to achieve shared goals, within and across care settings.

Introduction to the PIECES Approach

The PIECES acronym informs the Team approach to understanding possible contributing factors of behavioural expression and how they might interconnect; avoiding assumptions, ensuring all domains of the Person, including their unique needs and strengths, are considered.


In the assessment of a Person’s Physical health, using the 5 D’s (Delirium, Disease, Drugs, Discomfort, Disability) ensures the Team considers all possibilities, including how they may impact each other.

Learning and Development Program

The PIECES Learning and Development Program provides health care practitioners across the continuum of care with a practical, evidence based approach to guide collaborative engagement, shared assessment, and supportive care with older adults at risk or living with complex chronic conditions.

Pieces supports a shared accountability for person and care partner-directed care across the system of care focused on health promotion, prevention and chronic disease management.

I took PIECES about 15 years ago, taking it again was so beneficial! Got me out of a rut, plus has inspired me to use the WHOLE team, not just my "go to" staff. I am hoping to take the "team approach" to a whole new level on my unit, with the goal of bringing a new attitude and atmosphere on the unit.

Pieces Practitioner

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Commit to an approach that values and ensures the voices of the Person, Care Partner and all other
members of the Team.

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