What are people saying about the PIECES Approach

What are people saying about the PIECES Approach

What are people saying about the new National PIECES Learning and Development Program and the PIECES Approach?
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In January 2021, Pieces Canada introduced the new PIECES Learning and Development Program.  Launched during the COVID pandemic, the majority of learning sessions have been delivered virtually.  Here is what people are saying about the Program and the PIECES approach.  

  • PIECES is highly effective at highlighting the importance of life stories and centrality of the person and care partner in their approach. They emphasize this through the use of their tools and the theme of person centred is consistently delivered in all examples and stories.
  • I love the person-centred framework which aligns perfectly with the work that my organization does.
  • An incredibly well-designed program, great resource materials/tools, fabulous opportunities to have meaningful dialogue and practically apply the skills and knowledge being taught, absolutely wonderful, skilled, and generous instructors

  • I really enjoyed completing the program virtually versus in class learning.

  • Virtual learning experience was great. The teachers were great, very friendly and the learners were also great - very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable in the environment and I left knowing so much more than when I started.

  • Excellent, best course in the Geriatric Certificate Program for me. I feel empowered to learn more and build knowledge base.

  • Very well presented, I now have greater understanding and knowledge on how to use PIECES as a way to assess and prioritize residents greatest risk factors, treating residents as a whole and providing appropriate treatment/interventions. I loved the small breakout room discussions and being able to put what we learned into action with case studies.

  • They made the challenge of online learning more effective.  Good emphasis on engaging the team. I don't have to know everything. Rely on the team. PIECES Learner


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