The PIECES Learning and Development Program is a comprehensive two-day learning strategy to develop the role of the PIECES practitioner to:

  • guide a holistic Person and Care Partner centred Team approach
  • support the well-being and health care of older individuals at risk or living with complexity
  • support an evidence informed approach to shared assessment
  • promote a collaborative process that is relationship focused

The Program focuses on the advancement of Core Competencies which are anchored in the PIECES Foundational Principles; Validating, Shared Solution Finding, Acting Together, Enhancing and Translating Knowledge.

Who should attend the Program? 

PIECES Learners must be health practitioners whose scope of practice includes a responsibility and accountability to engage and guide the Team, beginning

What can I expect when I attend the PIECES Learning and Development Program? 

Supporting the translation of knowledge into day-to-day practice, the Program provides a dynamic, highly interactive learning experience with opportunities for reflective, practice-base application of the PIECES approach.

Day 1: Core Curriculum to enhance learner's knowledge and skills to use the PIECES 3-Question Template in practice to guide an evidence-informed Team approach to Person and Care Partner centred collaborative assessment and shared care. 

Practical Application: Learners are required to complete a Practical Application of the learning in the workplace, in collaboration with the Team; typically 2 weeks are provided between Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 2: Core Curriculum builds on the learning from Day 1 and the Practical Application experience; providing additional clinical content to enhance knowledge and skills, with further opportunities for practice-based application; and exploring strategies for further mobilizing PIECES into practice at the individual and Team level, and in collaboration with senior leadership and other partners.