Exciting Implementation Science Research Project

Exciting Implementation Science Research Project

COVID-19: Implementation of virtual P.I.E.C.E.S™ (PIECES™) for LTC resident care planning with family to build and sustain team collaboration and workforce resilience.
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Pieces Canada is thrilled to be partnering with Western University and WeRPN (formerly Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario) in this exciting research investigating the implementation process and outcomes of a novel virtual application of the PIECES approach (Virtual Team Huddles) for team-based resident care planning with residents of two participating long-term care homes (LTC), their family care partners, and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs). The focus was initiated by the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on engagement of care partners in shared assessment and care planning, the care of the residents who call LTC home, and on the resilience of the staff.

Within each of the LTC homes, the implementation process has been brilliantly guided by a RPN PIECES Champion together with a team of PIECES practitioners, strongly supported by their organizational leadership, a Pieces Canada Mentor, and a robust Research team comprised of a pan-Canadian, interdisciplinary group of investigators, knowledge users, residents and families, co-applicants and collaborators.

What a rewarding opportunity to partner with this Research Team that lives and breathes, in all respects, what is at the core of the PIECES approach and its Foundational Principles! 

Data collection is still ongoing and expected to be completed by September 2022. Findings have already and will continue to be shared through a number of knowledge mobilization opportunities.